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HubSpot Sales Hub

How can you clone a deal to the first stage of the onboarding pipeline?

Automate the process of transferring closed deals to customer success colleagues by cloning them to the first stage of the onboarding pipeline. Watch Jasna explain how it's done in this video.

Connect the dots in HubSpot by using association labels

To note a contact's job change in HubSpot, create an association label between the contact and their new company. Katarina demonstrates how to do this in the video.

Custom properties in HubSpot: How to add them to store unique data for your objects

Customize HubSpot to your company's unique needs by adding custom properties to store unique data for your objects. Jasna explains how in this video.

Pipelines in HubSpot: How can you add different deal stages that follow your sales process?

Your business probably doesn't need just one pipeline and good news is that you can have several in HubSpot. You can also customize the deal stages of each pipeline and in this video, Jasna shows you how to do that.

Use workflows to automatically assign contact owners

Automatically assign contact owners with workflows in HubSpot's CRM. Watch Katarina explain how to create this workflow in a video.

How can we ensure that some emails aren't automatically logged in HubSpot?

Learn how to prevent certain emails from being automatically logged in HubSpot with Jasna's helpful video.

Advantages and disadvantages of setting up workflow goals

Learn the pros and cons of using goals in HubSpot workflows from our clients' experiences, explained by Katarina in this video.

How to prepare a dashboard for a CEO of a small company in HubSpot?

Dashboards and reports are essential for growth, and we'll show you the most relevant CEO dashboard reports in HubSpot.

How can HubSpot's meetings tool save your time?

HubSpot's meetings tool saves you time by eliminating the need for multiple emails to schedule a meeting.

How to set up ABM in HubSpot?

Consider ABM if you have a lengthy B2B sales cycle, complex deals, and multiple decision makers. ABM is a growth strategy where Marketing and Sales work together to create personalized buying experiences for high-value accounts.

What are sequences and how do they work

Nurture trade show leads with HubSpot sequences - targeted, timed email templates over time. Learn more in the video.

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HubSpot Marketing Hub

Automate sending form submission notifications to Slack

Integrating HubSpot with Slack can help you prioritize tasks. Katarina explains how to use workflows to send form submission notifications to Slack instead of your inbox.

Automate sending recent newsletter edition to your latest subscribers

Automate sending your latest subscribers the most recent newsletter edition and eliminate the delay between sign-up and delivery. Watch Katarina's video to learn how.

Which Hubspot assets do you need for an e-book campaign?

After creating an e-book for lead generation, Katarina explains in a video which HubSpot assets are needed to promote it and generate new leads.

Use Manage columns and save time checking your overall email performance

Compare email performance faster with HubSpot's manage columns feature. See important information the moment you open emails in your portal. No more time-consuming searching and selecting necessary. Watch our video to learn how.

Create hidden fields on forms to add additional information to your CRM

Add pre-filled hidden fields to your HubSpot forms for additional information on contacts and better database segmentation. Learn how in Katarina's video.

Use pop-up forms to generate new leads

Create pop-up forms easily within your HubSpot portal to generate new leads and promote your content. Learn how from Katarina in this informative video.

HubSpot marketing subscription type and marketing contacts: What's the difference?

Marketing contacts, marketing subscription types, it all sounds the same. And to be honest, sometimes it's also confusing to us. But if you want to send marketing emails in HubSpot, you need to understand the difference, so in this video Jasna explains all about it.

How can you automatically log emails in HubSpot CRM?

Learn how to automatically log emails in HubSpot CRM, including options for excluding certain emails, in our informative video.

How can you personalize content in HubSpot using smart content?

Can you imagine sending the same link to 2 people and they both see different content on that web page? It's called smart content and in this video we'll show you how to use it in HubSpot.

How to bulk edit contacts and make sure they receive your marketing emails?

After preparing valuable content and a list of contacts, you're ready to send your first newsletter from HubSpot. However, only 256 of the 1000 contacts received the newsletter. Watch our video for a simple trick to ensure all marketing contacts receive your emails.

How to automate changing contacts from marketing to non-marketing?

If you've used 70% of your Marketing Contacts tier in HubSpot, don't wait. Watch the video tip to automate changing contacts from marketing to non-marketing. It might help you avoid immediate billing for the additional cost.

Use HubSpot lists and saved views to segment your data base

Think about thousands of contacts and companies in your HubSpot portal. How can you segment them and get a better idea of who they are? There are two ways how to do this.

How to prepare data before importing it into HubSpot?

So you decided to change your excel tables full of contacts and their data to a proper CRM tool like HubSpot. Let us show you how you can import the data to HubSpot in bulk.

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HubSpot Service Hub

How can you deduplicate data and maintain clean data in your CRM?

HubSpot automatically deduplicates contacts and companies using email addresses and domain names, but duplicates may still exist. In this video, Jasna demonstrates how to use the deduplication tool to maintain clean data in HubSpot.

How can you customize the properties in the left sidebar on the contact, company and other records?

Customize the properties in the left sidebar on contact, company, deal, or ticket records to fit your needs. Jasna explains how in this video.

Automate ticket pipelines

Automate process-related actions in ticket pipelines and focus on customer problems. Learn how in Katarina's video for customer service managers.

Let the chatbot create tickets in your CRM

Connect with customers, solve their problems, and offer better service by using a chatbot to create tickets in HubSpot.

How to set up the new HubSpot customer portal?

As a customer, you want support to be fast and accurate. It also helps if you can reach the inbox with all your tickets in one place, regardless of the channel you used to submit the ticket.

What's new in Service Hub: Customer Portal, custom views, channel switching

You want a 360 degree view of the customer and the power that comes with that?
HubSpot's Service Hub is connected to the powerful HubSpot CRM platform, which gives you additional power.

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